Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Why You No Post?

Ok, I realise I haven’t posted a new episode of EC4A yet.

The reason for this is simple. Since Sunny’s work schedule changed, Tuesday has become the absolute, most inconvenient day to post. Seeing as my ‘recording studio’ is just my living room, I need to record at a time when I have the house to myself and the phone is unlikely to ring.

On her previous schedule, Sunny would go into work Sunday nights at midnight, that meant I would spend Sunday night polishing and going over the script, and then actually record the thing after she left for work on the Monday, which meant by the time I had it ready to post it was past midnight on Tuesday morning.

Hence the Tuesday posting schedule.

With her now working second shift, it goes like this: I just don’t wanna spend the weekend working on EC4A, because that’s the only time we actually get to spend any kind of real time together. Plus, Tuesday is our bill-paying and grocery shopping day.

Ok, I know this sounds convoluted, suffice to say, Tuesdays just aren’t good anymore.

So, from now on, I’m going to start posting on Fridays.

This week’s episode is already written, and I’ll record it sometime in the next couple days. As always, I’ll let you know here when the new episode is up.

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