Monday, July 02, 2007

New Episodes and Looking for things.

Well, it's Tuesday again (well it will be in less than an hour), which means there's a brand spanking new episode of "Earth Concepts for Aliens" up.

Brought to you this week in "Actual-real-microphone-o-audio". Which is a big step up from my previous "Old-skype-headset-o-audio".

Link in the sidebar. Check it out...and if you haven't heard any of the episodes yet, you're obviously a terrorist commie, so get listening before I set my minions on you.

Well, being a complete and total dumbass, I completely forgot that my keyboard came with a microphone. It's only a cheap, $20 'karaoke' jobbie, and certainly not a professional $800 mic... but considering that if I actually had sponsors, (which I don't), under Mypodcast's rates, I'd currently have made roughly 1/16th of a penny, I don't think I'll be spending nearly a grand on microphone any time soon.

What really got me was that this microphone has the large connector (think a standard microphone or headphone jack on steroids)...but I knew I had an adaptor somewhere. So I searched my desk. Then I searched the entertainment center. Then I searched every draw, cuboard, shelf in the house.

An hour or so later, I finally gave up.

That's when Sunny said "What is it you're looking for?"

I described it. Then she opened my bottom desk drawer, reached in...and pulled out the adaptor.

I think I'm pissing the aliens off, and they're beaming my stuff into space when I'm not looking


OzzyC said...

Finally took the opportunity to listen to your podcasts... Love 'em!

MC Etcher said...

The newest podcast has the best audio, so whatever mic you used on that one is good.

Why is there a blank section at the end of 'Lawsuits...'? 51 seconds worth it seems.

MC Etcher said...

Also, more podcasts please!

Thank you.

Paulius said...

Thanks Ozzy, I appreciate it.

Etch....ummm...because I made a boo-boo when I mixed down to mp3.

I'm trying to get one new podcast a week, posted on Tuesday mornings. I know they're only 5 minutes long, but each one takes around two hours to make (not counting coming up with the idea and writing it) once a week is good for me