Friday, July 27, 2007

Pretty Please?

Quick note to those people on TV who can't believe they get paid for playing games:

When you make a mission in which I have to escort a character from point A to point B, can you please make them less suicidal?

You see, there's nothing quite like getting right to the very end of a really long mission, only to have the douchebag I'm supposed to be protecting charge headfirst, needlessly, into a group if heavily armed enemies that he could just as easily have avoided.

...or when we're facing a wall of oncoming bad guys, have a perfect defense perimeter set up, and the escortee suddenly decides to break ranks to go off and inspect a wall.

...or when we're just plain running for it, and the escortee can't quite work out how to walk around an obstacle.

...or when you set a charge to take down a door, and while everyone else runs to a safe distance, the escortee just stands there looking at the pretty blinking lights, and wondering why it's counting down.

...or when the escortee decides that his pissy little 9mm pistol is more than a match for those 20 machine guns.

You know what? In fact, why don't you just get rid of the whole 'escort mission' thing all together. If I lose at a game, it should be my fault, I shouldn't lose because of your sucky AI.

That is all.

1 comment:

OzzyC said...

Who cares if the AI sucks, as long as the NPC looks good when they're blown to bits.

Oh wait, that's kind of your point, isn't it?