Sunday, July 08, 2007

Coming a long way

Last night I was in bed and just falling asleep.

You know that place you get to where you’re not quite asleep and not quite awake and your mind is wandering? Well, suddenly I had a flashback to a magazine article I read in about 1995.

It was a PC magazine article and it was all about the Internet (or the ‘Information Super-Highway’ as they called it then).

Bear in mind this was when the internet was brand new, and the focus of the article was “Wow, you can find anything on the Internet!!!”

So the writer took a challenge from the writing staff to try and stump him. They had to ask him to find something that he wouldn’t be able to find.

One guy asked him to find a picture of a guy playing golf while wearing a kilt. The writer did so, and everyone was all “Oh! That’s awesome!! You really can find anything!”

So looking at this through 2007 eyes, all I could think was “A guy in a kilt playing golf? Why didn’t they give him an actual challenge?

Yup, the internet’s come on a bit in the past twelve years.

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