Friday, July 20, 2007

Big ole Bowl of Awesome!

What? Two posts in one day?

This is something I just had to share...especially for all those parents out there.

It's called 'ChoreWars'. Essentially it's a real life Role Playing Game. You register a party with the site, earn experience points to level up and fight monsters.

So what, huh? Something you can do in a hundred different places, right?

Well, no actually. It's called chore wars for a reason. Say Dad registers the party and puts all his kids on it. He then sets household tasks and how many experience points each party member will get for completing that chore.

Vacuuming the living room? 20 xp
Taking out the garbage? 30 xp

Ok, ok, this isn't going to work on teenagers, but for younger kids? Why not?

Basically it sounds like a lot of fun, especially since you set the tasks and the XP for yourself. Sounds like it would even be fun at the office:

Restoring a users lost password : 10XP
Getting bitched at because some dumbass broke their own PC : 50XP

Sounds like fun, no?

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