Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Quiet, brain!

"This webcomic's great. I'd love to make a webcomic. Maybe if I...."

"Oh for fuck's SAKE!"

"Umm..... Errrr.....ummmm.... who's there?"

"Hey Paulius, it's me your brain."

"Ummm, hello...brain?"

"Listen, Pauli...we need to talk."

"We do?"

"Yes we do."

"Ummm, about anything in particular?"

"Yep, you have too many hobbies and ideas. you need to chill out and slow down."

"I don't get you."

"You've not touched a guitar in nearly two years, you were good at that, man."


"It's not a compliment. Think how good you'd be by now if you still played for a couple of hours a day like you used to."

"Yeah, but I got bored and my guitar got stolen, so..."

"Well, look at the other stuff. You used to write all the time, and now the only writing you do is blogging. You've got nearly half a million words of your novel sitting on your USB drive. You could have finished it a hundred times over by now."


"...and what about playing the piano? You got good at that really fast, then you moved, then you finally bought a new keyboard but haven't been near it in a week! Imagine how good you could be now if you'd been practicing all that time."


"And your drawing! Shit dude, did you see the last picture you drew compared to that first one you did? It's not great, but it's fucking light-years better! You haven't drawn anything in months. Imagine how good you'd be at that now if you drew as much as you did six months ago!"

"Yeah, but..."

"Look, are you seeing the pattern yet? You take up a new hobby, get proficient at it nice and quick...then get bored and go onto something else just when you're starting to show real talent! You're already learning the piano, writing a blog and making a weekly podcast...that you already want to expand into a video-blog....isn't a webcomic just a little too much right now?"

"I guess so."

"And start drawing again! and make sure you practice the piano!"

"Yes sir, I'll get right on it."

"Good! Your sketch-pad is in your bottom drawer if I remember, and you've got some pencils and an eraser in your top draw."

"Ok...but brain?"


"Wanna play "Overlord" for a bit first? we'd just got the Arcanium smelter if you remember? We can make new armor."

"Shit, yeah! That fat bastard dwarf is TOAST!"


OzzyC said...

I tend to operate the same way. I don't think of it as getting bored and quitting (though that's an accurate interpretation), I think of it as knowing a little bit about a lot of things... being a generalist.

Saffyre said...


MC Etcher said...

You're overdue for a webcomic. It'll be great! There's nothing wrong with hopping hobbies, it keeps your brain working.

When you read the bio's of the greats of history, you discover they had 15 different professions until they 'made it', and even then they kept up with their paleontology and opera singing.

Especially since it won't cost you anything but time.

Looking forward to reading and laughing.

...Now growing impatient. Where is webcomic?