Saturday, July 21, 2007

There's just no pleasing some people.

Today, Sunny was going through some old pictures, and commented that while she had a nice big 8x10 of her youngest son’s wedding, she didn’t have a ‘good’ picture of her eldest son’s wedding.

The pointed out one she liked, but it was spoiled by a few scratches and smears, and some random guy in the background that in the picture, looked like he was growing out of her son’s left shoulder.

No problem, I said, leave it to me.

So I scan it, open it in Photoshop and work some digital magic. I got rid of the scratches and marks, airbrushed the random guy out, corrected the color balance and made some cosmetic changes. (If I’m in photoshop anyway, I might as well get rid of those pimples, right?)

Anyway, and this is an important bit, I cropped the pictures.

The framing of the original picture was a little off, and the actual couple only took up about a quarter of the frame, and what was left was mostly empty space (read – black from the shadow of the trees).

Then I printed it and Sunny said how much she loved it and how sweet I was. Good times.

Fast-forward a couple hours, and I walk into the living room to find her looking at the picture…and then she complains that because I cropped the picture, I cut off half of the bride’s flowers.

Umm…Ok, I fixed the picture up…without being asked, mind you…and she complains because you can’t see the bottom half of the bouquet?

Isn’t the absence of blemishes, scratches, the faded colors and the removal of a stranger growing out of her son’s body an adequate trade-off for the bottom half of a bouquet?

Just wait until she next surprises me with dinner or bringing home take-out…

“Here sweetie, I stopped on the way home at Hardee’s and brought you your favorite burger so you don’t have to cook.”

“Hardee’s? Hardee’s? Couldn’t you have stopped at Subway or the Chinese place instead? You expect me to eat this? Can’t you go back out? GOD! Can’t you do anything right?”

Oh yeah…it’s on. It’s on like Donkey Kong, baby.

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Sunny said...


Not even going to try and justify why it was important to me to have that particular photo just as it is.

Being a man you probally just wouldn't understand that I personally took that photo and thought it was perfect(cept for dude in the background) my eyes anyway. It might not have been centered perfectly, it might not have been lit professionally, but it was the ONLY photo I got of them that they looked relaxed and unrushed in.

But I DO appreciate it.