Thursday, July 19, 2007

Middle Managers Love MMORPG's

I came to this conclusion after a Guild Wars session.

Why do I believe that MMO’s are populated by middle-managers? Well, I’ll tell you:

Example 1 :

One girl (or more likely guy pretending to be a girl), despite the fact she was the weakest member of the group and an elementalist (meaning her place in the party is at the back using long range attacks) consistently charged large groups of bad-guys on her own, whether we needed to get them or not.

Basically, the group would be traveling along, and suddenly she’d charge off in another direction without warning, meaning she would always get killed, and suffer a health and mana penalty every time one the other group members had to revive her.

Her other main habit was pulling a ‘Leeroy Jenkins’ and charging in while the rest of us were discussing tactics.

Why this makes her like a Middle Manager:

1) Constantly ignores advice.

2) Makes the same mistakes over and over.

3) Has an inflated idea of her own capabilities.

4) Does whatever she wants to the detriment of her team.

Example 2:

Another guy would spend the entire mission drawing all over the map, pointing out where enemies are (despite the fact everyone has the same mini-map and can see them anyway)…and taking the time out in the middle of heated battles in order to tell everyone else what they should be doing. This is despite the fact that when typing you can’t control your own character.

Why this makes him like a Middle Manager:

1) Spends the bulk of his time telling everyone how to do their jobs while completely neglecting his own.

2) Gives out tons of useless information that everyone else already knows, for no reason. (TPS Reports, anyone?)

3) Believes himself to know everyone else’s job better than they do, despite the fact he has no experience of it whatsoever.

4) Would rather lead and fail than follow and win.

Example 3:

One particularly low level guy would ask tons of questions that are plainly explained in the manual, argue with highest level players about aspects of the game, and die constantly, blaming everyone else while calling them ‘noobs’.

Why this makes him like a Middle Manager:

1) Totally incompetent.

2) Blames his incompetence on everyone else.

3) Ruins any party he joins, and it’s always everyone else’s fault.

So, in conclusion, if your Boss is in his office with the door shut and isn’t answering his phone…he’s probably playing Guild Wars.

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OzzyC said...

I'm going to forward today's post to some of my old co-workers. This little tidbit of information is destined to become a Paulius classic!