Sunday, July 01, 2007

Even the best of us...

When it comes to my computer, I'm an organized person.

I have about 10 bookmarks folders in firefox. One for blogs, another for webcomics, tutorials, photoshop stuff etc.

Which is probably part of the reason why today I turned on my computer, started up firefox, typed the word 'blogs' into the address bar...and sat there for a good 30 seconds wondering why all my favorite blogs didn't open up.

I'll be sitting in the car shouting "start!" next.


Sunny said...

And you laughed at me for trying to move the fire-pit on the top shelf at the supermarket by pointing to it and trying to "drag' it over so I could see the price.

Your time is near!

manda said...

i have Opera, alex made me get it, but it's awesome because it has a "speed dial" so you can load 9 pages on the blank page.. and u just click and it opens it's amazing. plus the book marks.. it only lacks in the fact that it doesn't support every website

just another aspect of. laziness

Paulius said...

Opera sucks ass.

As for "speed dial"...I just use firefox and click "bookmarks" "open in tabs".

That way I open all the blogs I read, or sites I visit regularly all in one page.

Firefox is the best browser you can use. It's just that simple.