Friday, July 13, 2007

More Unnaturalness From The Dog and Cat Files

Buddy and Leonard are really starting to worry me (or ‘Thunder and Lightning’ as I’ve taken to calling them when they’re together…the cat is white and fast and the dog farts a lot).

Well, by now you know that Buddy is just plain retarded, performing such feats as trying to eat a red hot boiled egg complete with shell, and burning his nose no less than four times on the oven in quick succession…before finally deciding that hot is painful and painful is bad.

Then we come to Leonard who, like nearly every other pet I’ve ever owned, daily plots my death.

But the longer I own them, the more I think that both of them just ain’t right.

Sunny first pointed out their latest trick, where every single day at the same time, Buddy lies down by the chair…and the cat gives him a massage. If you don’t believe me, here’s the video (unfortunately no sound, I took this with my digital camera that can only record 40 second clips with no audio).

While this is obviously just so, so, so wrong, and possibly a crime against nature (being that cats and dogs are supposed to fight like…well…cats and dogs), I just can’t work out Leonard’s angle.

You see, Leonard is a cat, and therefore pure evil. So why would he give the dog a massage?

They’re up to something. Maybe the cat’s finally worked out he’s too small to trip me up by snaking around my legs while he walks and is trying to convince the dog to do it for him.

I’m a little scared.


Diana said...

Leonard thinks that Buddy is his mommy! My cat Barney used to do that to me all the time, usually around the same time. The fact that Leonard has his face so close in kind of mimics suckling behavior...

Adorable, btw!

manda said...

my cat does that, but not on the regular. i always thought it was because she needed to scratch, however she has no front claws... so maybe he's trying t scratch him!? and that's where his evilness comes in!! and why his ears are back, he's pissed that buddy's not upset at this!! lol