Monday, September 26, 2005


Hi everyone,

Let me start today by thanking everyone for their kind words here, and on Sunny's blog. Your support is greatly appreciated.

I know I haven't updated in quite a long time (at least for me), as Sunny and I have been very busy, and I'm obviously having to help her through this difficult time.

However, as the funeral was today, I'm hoping that over the next week things will start to return to normal (or at least become as normal as things can be after the loss of a parent). So please stay tuned for updates.

Thanks again to everyone for their thoughts and prayers, and let me give a public thank you to our friends Lois and Bob for the floral arrangement they sent for today....Thanks guys.

Stay tuned!

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Lois said...


I'm happy the arrangement arrived in time. I wish I could have gotten away to be there with Sunny, but I know she's in your excellent hands. Thank you for being such a wonderful husband to my best friend.