Monday, September 19, 2005

Just a thought.

This isn't today's post, scroll down for that.

I was just thinking. Do you reckon those insufferable assholes WHo TYpE LiKE ThIs are the ones who design the 'word verification' images for blogger?

They sure look alike...and almost as hard to decipher


Miz S said...

That would explain it........

Ashley said...'ve figured it out!

Kato said...

I never thought of it as marketable skill.

MC Etcher said...

When I first saw that method of typing, years ago - I thought it was some sort of code, where there capital letters were meant to stand out and spell and additional message.

But no.

Paulius said...

Nope, TyPing LiKE THiS, which I will hencforce refer to as asshole-type (as it offends my sensibilites to type like that means only one thing:

"Look, I'm completely desperate to stand out and be unique, but have no discerning features whatsoever!"