Thursday, September 22, 2005


I don't really have time for a real blog post today, so I thought I'd just pass on a short funny true story I heard a while back.

Tech support in a small business was called in because the new accounts software they'd bought wouldn't run. The tech support operative, a young female, walked into the office to find that someone from middle management had dismantled the computer, and left it lying in in pieces on a desk.

Apparently he was an 'expert'.

After finally getting the computer back together, she discovered that the problem was that the system simply didn't have enough memory.

However, Mr. Middle Management jumped in and 'diagnosed' the problem himself. The tech support professional was wrong, the computer had plenty of RAM, but it definitely needed more 'meg'.

Not wanting to start an argument, the tech support op offered to go out and buy some RAM.

"No, no, no!" Mr. Middle Management said again. "This machine has plenty of RAM, it needs more meg!"

Ms. Tech Support tried her hardest to explain that there was no such thing as 'Meg', and that 'meg' was simply a contraction of 'Megabyte', a measurement of memory. (It's like saying your car has plenty of gas, it just needs more gallons.)

Mr. Middle Management was having none of it. He knew what he was talking about, and wasn't about to be talked down to by 'some girl'.

Finally, Ms. Tech Support snapped. She turned on Mr. Middle Management and said "Fine! Why don't you go to the suppliers and buy some 'meg'?"

Accepting the challenge, Mr. Middle Management stamped off.

He returned a few hours later with a small anti-static bag with RAM in it. Written on the side of the bag was written '64 megabytes of meg'.

"The young guy at the store tried to tell me the same thing you did." he said, imperiously. "I demanded to see the manager, and he sorted it out. Now go install this Meg!"

Nothing like a good laugh at an idiot to brighten your day. It's almost as funny as watching a really, really fat man trying to chase a small dog.

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