Monday, September 12, 2005

Ok, let me put myself ‘out there’ for a minute.

A long time ago, I realized that if you really look hard at a word, it starts to look, well…wrong. It looses all meaning, or looks like it’s spelled wrong, or looks like it’s just plain made up.

As an example, look at this word for a minute:


Now say it a few times, over and over. Think, think, think, think.

I’m always left with a feeling that it’s spelled wrong, and that I’ve spontaneously developed a lisp. There seems to be a letter missing, although I can’t figure out what it is.

I thought I was insane. You know, no one else does this, That’s why I was so releived sitting in the University library, discussing a project when someone said they do the same thing to.

However, I have another habit, that I’m pretty sure is just my own.

I’ll occasionally invent a new word, just for the hell of it. I’ll be sitting there, bored, then suddenly my mind produces a gigantic, linguistic abortion.

‘SHPLIMPENGO!’ that little voice in my head shouts. “That’s a good word, or how about ‘Gnarbleflocker’?”

“They’re ok.” The other, saner voice replies. “But what do they mean?”

“Buggered if I know.” Says the first voice.

Another of my little habits is I’ll find myself inventing names, like “Spanky Robertson” or “Doris McFlickersnicker” that I’ll find funny, and they’ll stay with me for a few days.

Yup, I think I’m definitely one sandwich short of a picnic.


Kato said...

I've always liked "Felix Bumperhumper"

OzzyC said...

I tend to invent new words a lot, usually similar to sniglets, where I combine two words to create a new one. My favorite one to date is orgasmilicious: a combination of orgasm and delicious, and there are two possible definitions. 1)Sex with your significant other, when it's REALLY, REALLY good. 2)Eating food while ejaculating. The food would taste orgasmilicious. I've never experienced definition #2.

Paulius said...

I do the 'combine two words' trick myself. Usually to describe movies.

For example, Pirates of the Caribbean is Swashbuckle-tastic, and Star Wars is Lightsaberiffic.

BTW, nice to know I'm not the only slightly unbalanced individual in the world.

MC Etcher said...

It's not just you. I'm insane with names too.