Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Reality Workplace

Have you ever noticed just how annoying some of the people you have to work with are?
You know, the guy who never washes. the girl who latches onto you and talks to you for two hours about her latest hair color. The boss who takes credit for your ideas, then awards himself a pay-raise.

I think I may have finally come up with a solution.

Every office would be equipped with the ‘Big Brother Server’.

Now while the Big Brother TV show sucks great big fat donkey dicks, the format could actually work in real life.

Everyone would have access to the Big Brother Server through their work station. The rules are simple. If someone pisses you off, you give them a ‘bad’ vote. If someone helps you out, you give them a ‘good’ vote.

The number of good votes or bad votes you receive affect you at work. For example, a few good votes let you go home early, a few more get you a long weekend, and once you’ve amassed a shit load of good votes, you get things like a new company car, or get to go punch the boss in the face.
At the other end of the spectrum, a few bad votes have you working late, a few more, you lose your weekend. Get enough bad votes, and you find you’re working for less than a dollar an hour, you no longer have a parking space…get enough bad votes, and you suddenly find that security have a ‘shoot on sight’ notice out on you.

Before long, everyone would be helping everyone else, and your boss would think twice before stealing your idea to earn himself a new company car and a 50k a year raise.

It could work, couldn’t it?


Miz S said...

Oh HELL yeah!!

I seriously LOVE that idea!

only thing is- you always have one person who hates you and would cast a bad vote for /on you just because they take an instant dislike to you or just to be an ass.
How to get around THAT one?

Perdita said...

So which votes do youthink you'd get the most of?

Paulius said...

Sunny : You'd be limited to maybe one or two votes per day, and it wouldn't be anonymous. So the person who voted for you just for the hell of it would be shooting themselves in the foot. You'd just vote them right back.

Of course, then when you tell all your friends that some guy is voting you, just for the hell of it, they'd get a slew of bad votes.

Perdita : Well, I'd be clever enough to wangle admin-access to the Big Brother I'd be getting about a million good votes per day.

MC Etcher said...

Sounds beautiful! Once you start such a company, I will promptly submit my resume.

serendipity said...

I'm with MC Etcher. I wanna work for a company that does that!