Tuesday, December 09, 2008

We're back!

If I ever mention that I want to completely wipe my PC again, please hit me about the head with a stout 2x4.

I started at two this afternoon and I’ve just got finished now at quarter past ten. That’s a whole eight freaking hours staring at this effing screen.

If I’m completely honest, it wasn’t that bad. A lot of the time was taken up by having to re-download a ton of drivers and apps like Skype, iTunes etc. Going from formatting the bastard to having an actual working computer took maybe three or four hours. It took another four hours to get my PC back.

It was particularly bad this time because I’ve never done a total start-over with this machine and was using my self-burned, never-before-used recovery disks. That’s something that really pisses me off. I’m not allowed to get a professionally made DVD with my bought and paid for OS on it in case I start making copies.

I can understand wanting to fight piracy…but not allowing your genuine customers to own a copy of the software they’ve bought isn’t the answer.

The other big annoying thing is I always forget something when I have to wipe a PC. There’s always a file somewhere that I forgot to back up, or a little piece of critical info I forget to write down.

This time? All my email contacts and browser bookmarks.

On the upside, almost everything’s back the way it was and the PC is running like butter.

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