Friday, December 26, 2008

It’s almost better this way around

For those who didn't read yesterday's post, I had a fairly miserable Christmas day. Sunny and I both only managed a couple of hours sleep on Christmas eve…and not because we were so excited waiting for santa, but because we were literally up all night cooking.

To be absolutely clear here, that's not meant to guilt-trip any of our dinner guests. Sunny and I actually had a blast on Christmas Eve…and we were expecting our usual fun Christmas day, followed by a movie on the couch and an early night when everyone went home.

Instead, by 6am on Christmas day I was feeling like crap. When everyone else was eating I was silently praying my stomach would calm down because I honestly felt like one more burp might kill me.

Again, this may be too much info, but imagine someone farting directly into your mouth every few minutes and you can imagine how pleasant my Christmas day was.

Well, after everyone went home, I fell asleep on the couch at about 4pm, and got up and went to bed at about 6pm.

I felt really terrible, both physically and emotionally. On the one hand I was sick, and on the other I felt like I was ruining Sunny's Christmas. This was the first Christmas since we've been married where Sunny had both Christmas Eve and Christmas day off…and I get sick and end up wasting half of it by going to bed early.

Luckily I have the best wife ever who understands that sometimes you just don't feel well.

Well, I woke up feeling a better this morning. The fart-burps were gone, although I still didn't feel like eating anything.

Then, over the course of the day I got better and better, and then about an hour ago my apetite came back with a vengeance after not eating in almost 48 hours.

I wonder what we have to eat? I thought.

The answer was, of course…everything.

So I went into the kitchen and loaded my plate with turkey, ham, rolls, broccoli casserole, chipolatas and smothered the lot with gravy.

It…was…awesome. Broccoli casserole is always better the next day, and the rest of the food's 'leftover status' is more than made up for by the fact I haven't eaten hardly anything in two days.

Seriously, it was almost worth getting sick.

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Evan 08 said...

What's the recipe for broccoli casserole?