Thursday, December 25, 2008

This is Horrible

I was really looking forward to Christmas Dinner this year. My parents even sent some stuff that you just can't find over here, and I was looking forward to my first traditionally British Christmas Dinner since I moved to the US

Then, last night while Sunny and I were cooking, because we didn't have the time or space to cook anything for ourselves, I decided to eat some fast food leftovers we had in the fridge. For the record it was a couple of garlic parmesan bread-sticks and marinara dipping sauce.

A few hours later and my stomach decided to rebel. Now, this is probably venturing so deep into TMI territory that I've come out the other side, but the situation is this:

Everyone else has finished eating a delicious Christmas dinner I helped make. My condition right now, however, can only be described as 'Extreme nausea accompanied by continually and persistently farting out of my mouth'.

Yup, my burps smell worse than anything that's come out of my other end ever…and they taste absolutely horrible.

Now I've put everyone else off their Christmas dinner, how's your day going?

Merry Christmas and a Mouth-Fart New Year!

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Sunny said...

I'm so sorry sweetheart.
I know you was looking forward to that dinner and we ALL hated that you weren't feeling well...but on the upside- we can have a small intimate dinner for just the two of us when your tummy is feeling a hundred percent again. (AND- you have plenty of Turkey left over to make your famous Turkey Curry later on in the week.)

*I PROMISE not to ever bring those bread-sticks home to you again......and I'm certainly GLAD I didn't eat any of them.*