Saturday, December 06, 2008

Official PauliusCo Recommendation.

This afternoon I discovered a little service called TVersity.

It's a free media server for your home network and will push content to just about any media extender device you can think of including, of course, Xbox360s.

Now the good thing about TVersity is that as well as sharing the music and movies you have saved to your PC, it'll also push internet video to your 360.

There are a ton of TV networks that offer their shows for free online now, while TVersity doesn't support them all it lets you take a lot of these feeds and push them to your TV. As I type this now, Sunny's sitting on the couch watching an episode of MacGuyver.

It's also honestly a breeze to set up. I just downloaded it, gave it a double click and let the install wizard do its thing. It doesn't come much easier than that.

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