Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Today Just Keeps Getting Better

I wrote a rather excited post earlier today because Actor/Writer Wil Wheaton linked to my blog.

I thought that was awesome at the time, despite the fact it was just a link and I wasn't mentioned by name. Wil just mentioned his new auidobook and said 'so far, it's getting really good reviews'…with the word 'reviews' linking here.

Well, it turns out that Wil actually wrote three posts today…well, take a look at this post of his that he posted earlier in the day.

Tell me that's not awesome.


Kato said...


Evan 08 said...

That's pretty cool. Can we hang on your coattails?

Paulius said...

Lol, yeah Evan.

I can be just like Cartman from South Park.

"Yeah I saw the Terence and Phillip Movie! Go on, you can touch me."