Sunday, December 07, 2008


During a little random websurfing I stumbled across some of the CNN footage of Obama’s acceptance speech.

I watched it again, remembering how powerful it was the first time I watched it. How I sat in my living room, silently rejoicing that by January we’d no longer have a semi-retarded, warmongering, barely-literate idiot in charge.

I thought about how much respect I had for the man, simply because he didn’t promise quick and easy fixes in his speech, but the idea that if we all work hard enough we can get things back on track.

I also had a lot of respect for Obama because during his entire campaign, I didn’t once see him playing the race card.

This time, however, my overriding thought was:

Man, Jesse Jackson is a gigantic douche.

You see, I despise Jesse Jackson. I despise him because he’s quite frankly one of the most racist people alive today. He’s also one of those gigantic racists under the mistaken belief that they can’t be racist because they’re black.

In reality, racism works both ways. A black guy can be just as racist as any white guy.

Here’s why Jackson’s a douchebag.

Near the start of Obama’s campaign, Jesse Jackson very publicly announced that Obama ‘wasn’t black enough’ and pretty much trashed him whenever he got the chance.

For those keeping score, this is a massively racist thing to say. I always through the difference between black and white was just skin pigmentation, yet here’s a guy claiming that you’re not really black unless you act a certain way.

According to Jesse Jackson, being a highly educated and eloquent politician just isn’t ‘black enough’.

Yeah…Jesse Jackson apparently thought that Obama wasn’t a good candidate because he didn’t make race the main issue in his campaign. According to Jackson, a black President shouldn’t be elected because he’s the best candidate, he should be voted in for being as black as possible.

If whitey isn’t terrified of the new black President, it doesn’t count.

Anyway, the main thing that had me really pissed off was the shot of Jesse Jackson at Obama’s acceptance speech.

There was the guy who accused Obama of not being black enough. A guy who made it clear he didn’t support Obama’s candidacy…Standing in the middle of the crowd with two perfectly formed tears running down his face.

Oh, fuck OFF Jackson! You’re not fooling anyone.

He was so happy, it brought him to tears. I mean, he wasn’t actually crying like a lot of the crowd. He didn’t look excited or happy…He just stood stock still with two perfectly choreographed tears on his cheeks making sure the cameras could get a shot.

He didn’t give a shit about Obama. All he was after was a bit of reflected glory…so when the books are written about America’s black President, in there somewhere will be an iconic picture of Jesse Jackson with tears rolling down his cheeks.

Mr. Jackson? Iconic photographs aren’t premeditated or choreographed. They just happen. You attended that speech not because you believed in Obama’s candidacy or even to show a grudging support for the first black President. You turned up because you wanted to attach yourself, parasite like, to that historic moment.

Anyway, long story short…Go Obama! And Jesse Jackson is a massive douche.


Kelly said...

I have to agree with you here, the guy is trash. Complete racist trash!

Evanesce In 2008 said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that non-whites can be racist. To add to that, women can certainly be sexist.