Thursday, October 06, 2005

Their Pants Are Actually On Fire.

Anyone else getting sick to death of people lying to your face just to sell you something?

Recently, Sunny and I attempted to change the long distance service on our phone. Basically, we got a call from MCI, and they undercut what we were paying.

However, I asked two questions:

"So, you'll just be for long distance, right? This won't effect our local service?"

Answer : "Yes, this will not effect your current local service at all."

Then I asked:

"Now, I get my internet service through Bellsouth. This won't effect that, will it?"

Answer : "No. Definitely not."

Of course, today I received an email from Bellsouth, informing me that as I was no longer using their service, we now had to pay them for internet service with a credit card, and that the price would go up as I wasn't a Bellsouth Phone company. It turns out that we are no longer Bellsouth customers, and yes, it DID affect our internet service.

Thanks for lying directly to me, MCI.

Basically, I got Sunny to call up Bellsouth (The account is in her name), and got them to switch us back.

Up yours, MCI, I'll never use your service again, and I'll make sure that no-one I know uses it cheating, lying bastards.

As a little aside, it turns out that that Bellsouth had mailed us a special 'privilege pack' that said if we switch back, we'll get lower rates, no re-connection fee, and hundred dollars cash back...RESULT!

The problem with all this, is that the MCI telemarketers are obviously being paid on commission. So when you ask a question that has an answer that is a deal-breaker... they'll just lie through their teeth.

It doesn't matter to them if you totally get screwed, or switch back within a week. They've already got their commission check, so who cares, right?

ME! That's who fucking cares!

I just wish that companies in general would realise that they'd do a whole lot more business if they were much more honest, and didn't hide charges and fees.

Take Bellsouth for instance. They're preferable to MCI, but they're no angels either. I got a thing through the mail which said I could get fast access DSL for the low, low price of $25 a month....with speeds of up to 3mb! I'd also get a free MP3 player! Where the hell do I sign up? That's only $10 more than I pay for dial-up!

However, being a cynical, non-trusting kinda guy, I went to their website to read the small print.

So after I'd acquired an electron microscope in order to read it, I discovered the following:

a) They do charge $25 a month, however, this is for their lowest speed service, at only 256kps. The 3mb service costs in excess of $50
b) You also have to pay $70 for the DSL modem, and a $50 setup fee.
c) You only get the MP3 player if you get their fastest service.

So, the quick, easy and cheap setup would actually cost $145.

Why not just put that on the friggin' offer? I'd have to pay it anyway! Do you think I'll just not notice when the first bill comes?

Oh, they also now offer a FREE!!!! DSL modem.

However, you still have to pay for it.

Basically, to Bellsouth, 'free' means that if you still have their service after a year, they'll give you the money back for the modem.

How in the hell is that 'free'?

It's not just phone services. I recently emailed for information on a Tempurpedic bed. They sent a truck load of information, but never actually told me the price.

Oh, and in case your wondering, their amazing 'Try in your own home FREE for 180 days!" offer is a load of bullshit. What happens is, they bring the bed to your house, charge you for delivery, and then charge you the normal monthly payment. If at the end of the 180 days, if you don't want it, you have to pay to have it shipped back to them, and basically get a few hundred dollars back.

In short, you can rent it from them instead of buying it outright.

Here's an ad, or junk mail circular I'd like to see:

"Paulius Inc would like to sell you a product. Now, at first, we may seem to be more expensive than most other places, but the difference is, the price you see is the price you pay. This includes all taxes, delivery etc. There's just no hidden costs. Look. we're small-print free!"

Am I wrong in thinking that if someone offers me a product or service for, say $100, I should be able to pay them that hundred bucks, and get what they advertised?

Of course I'm wrong. That would be far to simple and easy.


robmcj said...

I'm sick of people telling me the war in Iraq is going well. Surely they know it's not true?

I sympathise with you about the phone service people. Your story has made me determined to slam the phone down even harder on cold call sales people.

OzzyC said...

I hate rebates... same deal. Why don't you just charge everyone $15 less, instead of offering rebates, knowing full well that half of the people won't fill them out.

MC Etcher said...

I agree with you so often in the comments I feel like a Yes-man.

I'd happily pay a bit more for a No-BS approach.