Monday, October 10, 2005

If it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.

Heard from immigration today. They needed more information... again. This time it was my medical stuff.

Now, I had my vaccination stuff with me, but they also asked for the form I got when I took my medical back in England.

The bad thing is, they already have that. It gets handed to them in a sealed envelope when I first step foot into the country. I don’t have another copy.

So I’ve sent the information they need, along with a letter letting them know that they already have my medical form, and that I don’t have a copy.

Best case scenario, they’ll find the paperwork, and I’ll get my work permit in 90 days.

Worst case, I have to go get ANOTHER medical examination, and considering the last one cost almost 400GBP, it’s way more money than we can afford…meaning we’ll have to save for 6 months to get it.

It seems I’ll be getting my work permit when it’s time for me to retire.

I’ve been here for almost two years now.

What does it take to get a work permit?


Lois said...

Sorry to hear of this latest setback, Paulius. Any chance you can get a duplicate report from the UK rather than starting over here with a new doctor?

MC Etcher said...

Ugh! I had no idea it was so difficult to move to another country.

I hope all this gets cleared up soon.

Nicholas said...

Hey man, I'm done with disaster relief and back to blogging.
To get a work permit, you may have to kill someone. I have heard this is the best method.
Seriously, I can't believe a medical exam cost that much! Isn't there some Dr. Nick figure, ala the Simpsons, that can do it for less? That is a ridiculous amount.

Paulius said...

You can only get medical exams from USCIS approved doctors.

Like I could go to the local police station and pay about $10 to get fingerprinted...but I have to get it done by them for $70.

Just another setback on the long road to getting my green card

Kato said...

I keep telling you, man: tenant farming. It's where it's at.