Friday, October 14, 2005

Reader Poll

I noticed MC Etcher has one of these polls on his site recently, and well...I'm blatantly copying him.

Seriously though, I've been wondering about the direction of this blog for some time. I've noticed I've been writing gaming posts more and more frequently, insterspersed with the odd serious post, and some seriously off the wall shit.

So, I want to ask you all what you'd like to see more of. If you can think of something that isn't in the list...that's what the comment's section is there for.

As an aside, I have at least 10 lurkers who read regularly, but never post comments. Make yourselves known!

(Oh, and Big Up to my readers in Malaysia and the Phillipines)

Here's the poll:

What would you like to see more of ?
Serious posts
Funny, off the wall shit. (Fiction)
Funny, off the wall shit (Non-fiction)
"Man Guides" (IE Man DIY rides again!)
Gaming/Tech related posts.


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Miz S said...

Also I would like to see more posts on what a wonderful, sexy, fantastic, unselfish, caring, loving, funny and beautiful wife you have. Would that be under the sci-fi/fantasy category?

Paulius said...


Lois said...

For me ... fewer gaming posts, but I know you have an audience for those so play on. I don't really care what you write about so long as you keep entertaining us ... and saying nice things about the lovely Goddess Sunny.

Lois said...

Now Paulius ... what did I just tell you???

Miz S said...

LMAO- He's been a BAD BOY!!

He will be rewarded.

Kato said...

I like them all, so if you just continue writing, I'll continue reading.

I've faced the same dilemma myself, since I sometimes want to write about, let's say, the new set of headphones I bought. But I know some folks in my readership don't care about hardware reviews, but others do. It would be easier if Blogger implemented Categories (so one could, obviously, categorize one's posts), but oh well.

The Girl said...

Regular reader and never comment'er at your service. Find your writing hilarious - Southern girl involved with a Brit and going through a lot of the same stuff!

I love your non-fiction accounts on weird stuff that happens in your life.

Welcome to America by the way. I'll be going across the pond next summer.


Paulius said...

Glad to see a lurker come out of hiding!

Hope you like England!

OzzyC said...

I think you've got a great, eclectic blend as it is. I wish I had the time to be as prolific, witty and observant as you.

Anonymous said...

i'm a regular reader of your posts...from this side of the world..don't take it the wrong way but i know that Brits have a lot to say about anything and everything!even in this country, which i find amusing :-)
Keep the posts coming.