Sunday, October 23, 2005

Broadband Bizatch!


Ok, I can calm down now.

I think there's be three possible reactions to this post:

People who have broadband will think 'so?'
People who still have dial-up will go 'That would be SOOOO coooool"
...and my wife will say "Grow up, you great big fat nerd!"

All I can say is this. Last week, on my Dial up connection, I downloaded the latest drivers for my video card. The file was 18mb, and took almost 6 hours.

I just started downloading the Half-Life 2 demo, which is 751mb, and it's going to take about 45 minutes.

Anyway, this isn't' just a gloat post. To everyone who knows me, my Bellsouth email address won't be valid within a few days. So in the meantime, you can email to my Yahoo address (it's linked on the left of this page).

I'll get my new charter email address set up sometime tonight, and everyone who's privileged enough to know my private email address will get the new address emailed to them shortly.

Finally, I can actually look at the videos and crap that Kato links to.


rayray said...

I still still have dial-up.
So I'll just say 'That would be SOOOO coooool"

Kato said...

Prepared to be wowed and amazed at the variety of crap I have collected from the Interweb thus far!