Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Dumbasses Unite!

You know, sometimes you can't think of something to write to save your life...then something like this comes along that's like manna from heaven:

A couple of days ago, I wrote a purely satirical post about Webcomic-addiction, (trying to point out what idiots people like Jack Thompson are, without giving the attention whore any more coverage).

In this post I suggested that everyone boycott Kato’s and MC Etcher’s blogs, as they have links to a couple of the most popular webcomics on the net.

Believe it or not, I actually received my first hatemail today over that post. Here it is:


Kato’s blog is wayyyy funner that urs. U should tink about makin urs better b4 you slag off sum1 elses. Webcomics rule! Just becoz u tink there bad 4 u, mayB u shoud jus stop raeding them!

I’ll never look at ur blog again!


After reading that, I'm starting to wonder if webcomics really ARE bad for you.

Ok, let me start off by saying that I hope to hell that this is a joke. If it is, congratulations! You gave me that best laugh I’ve had for weeks. If not, I really, really hope that the doctors can do something to help you.

I also want to thank you because I’ve been absolutely dying to get some real hatemail since I started this blog. Your email was a dream come true, I’ve finally ‘arrived’.

I’m sorry, I know I’m British, and have something of a gift for sarcasm, but I honestly never thought subtley was my strong point. If you couldn’t spot the sarcasm in that last post, I’d be surprised if you could find your own nose if you were crosseyed.

Oh, and one last thing. If you feel like exposing your stupidity like that again, can you please send it to my comment’s section? You don’t have to be a blogger to post a comment, and it saves me mining your blog gold from my email inbox.

Keep the hatemail coming….ya friggin’ idiots!

Oh, and Kato, you obviously have a fan, and I agree that your blog is much 'funner' than mine.

Etcher? Seems he didn’t care about me demanding that your blog be closed down.

There’s an idea, let’s start a fake rivalry. Let’s pretend we hate each other. It’ll keep the dumb asses emailing, and do wonders for our traffic.


Chief Slacker said...

Ok, that person is the epitome of the horrid things people are doing to launguage and the very type of person i complained about in Tuesday's Slacker Week post. Stop by and join in the slack ;O)

Kato said...

Oooh, I've developed loyal minions! w00t!

Paulius, I hate you with every fiber of my finely chiseled being. You have been a pox upon me ever since I stumbled across this literary wasteland of a blog. Oh, and I talked to The Queen the other day--when I mentioned your name she gave the two finger salute with a raspberry for good measure.

(Did that sound convincing enough?)

MC Etcher said...

LOL!! If I had to guess, I'd say it was Kato pulling a prank.

Also, yer blog sux.


Paulius said...

Well, it wasn't Kato's email address (at least not the one he's used to email me before.)

Oh, and Kato, I heard from a very reliable source that you rub live koalas on your face because you think it gives you 'sexual powers'.

OzzyC said...

I second Chief's thought. God I hate internet shorthand. I personally believe it's reserved for idiots who couldn't come in last place in a second grade spelling bee.

Paulius said...

Yup, so far I've posted on:

Bad spelling and grammar.

Internet short hand ( wot R U doin?).

TYpeInG LiKE THis.

I337 Speak.

The worst thing is Internet shorthand and phone text-message speak has started to show up in actual English exams.