Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Anyone who's read my wife's blog today will have heard the latest in Politically Correct madness.

For those that didn't, here it is in a nutshell:

Two British banks are banning 'piggy banks', because it may offend Muslims.

I would say this is the most retarded thing I've ever heard. The sad thing is, when it comes to political correctness, it frankly isn't. It's a tame example.

Here's just a few. It's no longer politically correct to say "black list' because it may be offensive to black people. It's wrong to call a black person 'black', they're 'African American'.

That last thing particularly pisses me off. If I was black, why am I suddenly 'African', just because of the colour of my skin? Isn't it a hundred times more offensive to force a nationality on someone who may be eighth generation American, than to refer to them by their actual colour?

The most pathetic thing is that political correctness is completely and totally counter productive.

You see, white people hear about things like this, and it offends us. Being told that there won't be a Christmas Tree in the center of town this year, or that Santa will not be part of the Christmas parade...all because it might offend non-Christians who have different traditions and customs, really pisses us off. Represent the minority, sure, but why do we have to disregard the majority?

It's the equivalent of voting in a general election, and then giving the presidency to the candidate who got the fewest votes. It makes no sense.

In short, white people are being told: "It's wrong to celebrate your customs and traditions, because it will offend non-whites. However, non-whites and non-Christians are still allowed to celebrate anything they damn well please, because if we tell them they can't, it'll offend them."

It's fine to ignore and exclude the majority. It's a mortal sin to exclude a minority.

I mean, why exclude anyone???

When it comes to Politically correct shit like this, if any other race, religion or creed was treated like White Christians, it would be racism, plain and simple.

However, the main point I think everyone needs to know, is that it's not the minorities who think this shit up. You average Jew, Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist doesn't give a damn if there's a Christmas Tree in the town center. They don't give a crap if Santa and Rudolph make an appearance in a Christmas day parade. Most of all, they don't care if a Bank gives out a pottery money receptacle, just because it's in the shape of an animal their religion forbids them to eat.

I'm certain they care about equal representation. Santa, Rudolph and a Christmas Tree, to the exclusion of everything else would be bad, but equal rights does not mean preferential treatment for any one group. White or otherwise.

These things are thought up by middle aged, middle class white people, who come up with another great idea that's going to show just how non-racist they are. The saddest thing is that everything they come up with is another way of dividing everybody into Us and Them.

It promotes bad feeling as well. I've heard a few people, when they've heard the newest piece of politically correct bullshit say "F**king Jews/Blacks/Muslims! They want everything their own way."

I can understand the actual feeling. Who doesn't feel slighted when an immigrant minority is given preferential treatment over the born citizens of a country? The problem is, this feeling is completely misdirected. Don't blame the minorities, blame the stupid bastards who come up with this shit.

Being an immigrant myself, I think I have a special viewpoint on this. I'm an immigrant, but I'm also a white male.

Here's the deal. Some British holidays are completely passed over in the USA, and there are others that could be considered downright offensive to the British People.

Take Independence Day. This is a holiday that celebrates the day that America stopped being under British Rule. Basically, July 4th celebrates the American people defeating my people in a war.

Am I marching on Washington, demanding that this Holiday be scrapped, as it offends British people, a certified immigrant minority in America?

Am I bollocks! You see, I understand one thing. America isn't my country. I moved here of my own free will, and you simply don't walk into a country, and demand things that have been done for centuries be stopped, because you don't like it. Minorities know this. It's the white do-gooders who decide that doing something like this is not only a good thing, but completely necessary.

However, when it comes to race and religion, it's different because it's not someone coming into a country and demanding things be changed. It's a minority group of the majority that takes it upon themselves to speak for a minority, whether the minority in question likes it or not.

In the end, I think Carlos Mencia has the right idea. He's a comedian, and will happily take the piss out of any race, religion, majority or minority...most importantly, including himself.

Everyone should grow a sense of humour. I don't throw a shit fit every time I hear a black comedian tell a white joke (We can't dance, we're all nerds, and apparently, we all talk like Professor Frink).

I'd like to end with something for you to think about:

In the Movie, "The Longest Yard", Chris Rock says:

"I was so bad at sports at high school, they used to pick me after the white kids."

Everyone laughed, it was funny.

Now consider this. If instead of the above joke, Adam Sandler had said:

"I was so dumb at high school, I scored lower in tests that the black kids."

What do you think would have happened? Newspaper headlines? The end of Adam Sandler's career? Probably.

Basically, Political Correctness can bite my White English Ass.

Feel free to make fun of me. Tell white jokes, British jokes, guy jokes. I have a sense of humour. If it's funny, I'll laugh.

Just don't get upset when I make fun of you back.


Miz S said...

Which he will do- I know this for a fact.

He can take it just as well as he dishes it out.

It's one of the thousands of reasons I love him so much.

Pete said...

Great post! :)

The Girl said...

Okay, the 4th of July comment made me spew my coffee. That's just damn funny!

Beautifully written. I've always said, I'm an equal opportunity offender and I'm not a bigot, I hate everyone equally. Seems to shut people up.

But wait, the latest on the referendum is gay marriage. Forgot to hit on that topic!


Paulius said...

Gay marriage is simple. I don't give a damn either way, whether it becomes legal or not.

I don't tend to get too worked up about things that don't directly effect me. What do I care if two guys or gals wanna get married?

I heard some religious guy on the radio this morning who spent 20 minutes frothing at the mouth about how being gay is wrong, that there is a 'gay agenda', and gay people have a choice and should stop being gay.

Religion - judging and forcing beliefs on people since the year zero!

MC Etcher said...

Everyone should expect equal joking, hear hear!

rayray said...

Kudo's on your spot on posting!

However, in the future, I'd appreciate if you'd refrain from saying "in short".
Standing only 5'4", it offends me.


Paulius said...

Having stood 6"1 since the age of 12, I also get offended when people use the phrase 'tall tales'.

Also, it has come to my attention that writing a blog offends people who can't write, so from now on, I'll only post pictures.

Oh wait, that would offend the blind.

Sound files only!

Shit...deaf people!

rayray said...

I know! post in brail!!

Paulius said...

Ah, but what about people with no sense of touch?

Plus, posting ONLY in braille would offend the non-blind people.