Sunday, October 09, 2005

I'll Probably Get Killed For This But...

Woman! Leave The Disc Alone!

To my Darling Sweetie,
The one who is so neatie,
Why won’t you leave the CD in the Drive?

I know the noise is bad,
And the spin up drives you mad,
But there’s something that you really need to know.

Please listen to me Dear,
I know the spin up hurts your ears,
But I’m sorry, the spin up’s simply not that loud.

I just can’t find my Disc
And telling you this is a risk,
But woman, please just leave the discs alone!

I know the spin-up is a pain,
But it will spin down again,
So in 2 minutes, you’ll be able to work in peace.

So just wait a little while,
The result will make you smile.
The disc stops spinning, and won’t offend your ears.

You’re putting me in a bind,
Because my discs I just can’t find,
Because you remove the discs and secret them away.

Relax for a minute,
Resist the urge to bin it
And both our problems will simply melt away.

Well now I’ve spoken my mind,
To remove us from this bind,
And I await your retribution with terror.

Computing is my hobby,
So Dear Readers, find my body.
I‘m probably buried somewhere in the backyard.


Miz S said...

LMAO- You'll find his body in tiny little slivers in his damn disc cases-neatly stored on the shelves where they are supposed to be.

I take them out because that hum the computer makes when it starts them up honestly starts a migraine headache sweetie. It has something to do with that electronic sound.

Is it really that big a problem for you to look on the top of the computer-about two inches above where they were in the drive?
If so- I will gladly leave them and let them run.
Just be warned- when I get a headache from the electronic hum- I won't be able to do stuff- like cook- or clean- or go to work and make money .... that means not only will the bills not get paid- but NO MONEY for extras- like NEW GAMES for you to play on the computer.

SOOOOO.....I ask you- is it REALLY worth it? It's YOUR call.

I love you.

MC Etcher said...

I'm with Sunny! The disc must be returned to its case when not in use.

The spin-up will, over time, slightly shorten the life of your CD drive.

By like ten minutes. :o)

OzzyC said...

I'm with Sunny too... my kids leave my CDs (both game and music) and DVDs strung ALL over house. I've found CDs in the bathroom, for God's sake! Put the shit back where you found it!

Dr. Kato Katonian, Evil Genius said...

I too am flummoxed by the irresponsibility of mine henchmen. Last week #46 walked off with the device that controls remotely the Death Ray. I found it in the break room refrigerator next to the Tab. And countless times I've found top-secret plans just laying about. I mean, seriously, what if we had guests over at the lair and they saw them.

Though I suppose none of that compares to the agony of having to search for a wayward compact disc.