Saturday, October 15, 2005

Confessions of a Junkie

Okay, my loyal readers, it's time to come clean.

I'm an addict, a stone cold junkie. I'm also not talking about the sissy stuff like weed, crack or heroine.

That's right...I'm addicted to the strongest of all drugs...


Frankly, I blame Kato and MC Etcher, who should be ashamed of themselves for being so irresponisible and careless to post links to not just Crtl-alt-del and Penny Arcade, but PvP as well. Are you involved in their evil plan? Putting up an innocent looking link that someone like me clicks just out of interest? Getting me hooked, to where my ass hurts so badly from hours in front of the PC, I actually have to go out side and (gulp) excercise?

Oh, they suck you in.

Boycott Kato and Etcher's blogs, they're pushing this stuff on children!

The addiction works in cycles. You find a new webcomic, and it's a whole new world. If it's been running for a while, you find yourself freebasing the whole archive in a day or so. I personally got through 7 years worth of PvP in three nights. I'm not proud of it, but it's what happened.

You're on top of the world, captivated by the great art and witty, caustic, entertaining writing.

Then it happens.

The evil dealer (the comic artist) cuts you off. They let you mainline the archive, and now the dose drops to a single comic every copuple of days.

The come down is intense, the new strips keep you coming back, you HAVE to read them...but it's just not enough.

You do your best to break the addiction. You swear that your webcomic days are over...Then you find a new comic, and you're back in the clouds...for as long as the archive lasts.

Tycho, Gabe, Kurtz,'re evil comic pushers, offering a little free, in order to hawk your printed comics. You guys hould be ashamed of yourselves.

Kids, just say NO to webcomics.

PS Any chance of another Penny Arcade - PVP crossover any time soon?


Laziest Girl said...

Should we all stand in a circle and hold hands or something? My name is Laziest Girl and I have a *problem* with StatCounter.

Paulius said...

I'm thinking of starting a support group for:

Online RPG-aholics

Kato said...

Yea, I did the same thing shortly after discovering Penny Arcade. I clicked the back button in their archive, just to so the previous comic. Then I thought, "One more couldn't hurt". Then another, and another, next thing I knew it several hours had gone by and I had read like two years worth of comics.

And yea, coming down is hard, havign to wait for them to actually publish a new comic. Don't they know I need it now and I need it bad!

Yes, boycott Kato and Etcher. That's Kato, as in WITFITS and Etcher as in Etch-A-Sketch Attention Span.

Paulius said...

Yes, boycott Kato and Etcher, as this isn't an attempt at viral marketing at ALL!

MC Etcher said...

ha ha ha!

Kato said...

I love bees.