Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Talk about one sided.

I'm sitting here, listening to 'Pawn Stars' on the History channel (one of the few 'reality' shows I actually like) and I've just noticed something:

In case you've never seen the show, it's about an upscale pawn shop in Las Vegas. It's basically a lot of people coming into the store with a lot of interesting things.

At least three or four times per show, some guy will come into the store with something really cool and when the owner asks why he's wanting to sell it, the guy'll say:

"Well, I just got/am getting married, so…"

Now, what I've just noticed is that while men come into the store three or four times per show to sell their motorcycles, pinball machines and other cool (and typically male) stuff because they're getting married…in the fifteen or more shows I've seen, I've never once seen a woman come into the store to sell anything for the same reason.

Why is it, ladies, that when we guys marry you, we have to sell all our stuff… but the massive Barbie collection from your childhood gets to stay?

Guys, if you're getting ready to get married, don't sell your stuff just because she says so. In fact, when she starts talking about how you need to get rid of your collection of classic NES games because you desperately need the space, make her this deal: You'll ditch your treasures, but for everything you get rid of, she has to get rid of something too.

That's fair, right ladies? I mean, if you're just doing it for the space and not just because you don't like our collection of classic movie posters…you won't mind throwing away a few of those Stuffed Animals and that sewing machine you never use as well, right?


Sunny said...

No- because, according to the GOPITA- it's all about us.

And, besides, if a man is such a wimp that he lets his woman, married or not, dictate every little thing he does- he deserves to have to get rid of all his stuff.

I want a man who isn't a total douche-bag and at the same time doesn't let me walk all over HIM either.

Men need to learn to grow a set and be assertive instead of letting their bell-end do all their thinking for them.

End of discussion.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Sunny on this one - all the way!

Evan 08 said...

I'm with Paul, but then again, I wouldn't likely find myself in that position in the first place. I'm a bit of a minimalist... it's the wife and kids that tend to collect too much shit.

Scratch the hostile fay said...

I noticed this here lately. And it isn't just pawn shops, either.

There's a local mag here where we live, and one of the movie reviewers is holding a yard sale.

So he can buy an engagement ring.

Of course, these people may have been planning to get rid of some extra stuff ANYWAY...and using the girlfriend/fiancee'/wife as an excuse. You don't REALLY want to admit you're selling your motorcycle because you just don't want it any more, do you?

I guess it would depend on WHAT he's "having" to sell. Although, the "equal selling opportunity" described earlier sounds fair, too.

If you get rid of that goofy painting of the dogs playing poker, I'll sell those Sailor Moon dolls gathering dust in my closet...



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clew said...

I never asked my husband to get rid of anything when we got married. Seriously. So we're not all that way ;)

I LOVE Pawn Stars. But I must admit, the way Rick condescendingly laughs at people all the time is getting on my nerves. The Old Man rules though, right?

Hi - just surfed by your blog today. I like your points of view. Mind if I come back?