Monday, March 15, 2010

Son of a…

So today I went out for my usual morning walk, and spurred on by my gadgetry I decided I was going to add an extra mile to the distance and up the speed a little bit.

Then, I don't know if it was the bright sunshine or just the idea of leveling up (I figure leveling from a yellow runner to an orange is +1 Str and at least +2 Con), I decided to run the last mile. I was walking fast, My heart rate was up, but I wasn't out of breath and the 'runner's high' (which until a month ago I always thought was a myth) was starting to kick in and I was generally feeling good.

I made it about a half mile before I had to slow down and walk for a minute or so, but then I took the last half mile at a steady jog.

Yeah, I know, running a mile is no big deal, but I was pleased with myself. As I've said before, I used to get a little out of breath just strolling the quarter mile to the mailbox and back…actually running a mile, even with a break, especially when I'd just fast-walked 2.5 miles is a major achievement for me.

Then I got home and made a horrific discovery. While the sensor works perfectly at a walking pace in my home-made 'duct-taped to my insole' configuration, it doesn't work very well at all when I'm actually running. I looked at the graph, and even though I'd covered about 3.5 miles in less than an hour, it was showing I'd only covered about 2.6 miles…which means it registered a shorter distance and a slower time than the shorter, slower walk I did yesterday.

So, now I guess I've got no choice but to spring $60 on a pair of Nike+ shoes…which sucks because it's going to be a month before I can afford them.

Anyone feel like donating to the 'Stop Paulius Being a Lard-Ass Fund'?


Draw your DnD character for five bucks then?


Oh well, worth a try.

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