Sunday, March 21, 2010

Say Cheese

Well, today was cold and rainy, and after yesterdays two mile run/walk, I decided to halve the distance and walk the whole way. I figured some exercise was better than none, and running while my knees and legs are still sore would be just plain stupid.

I got home, took off my coat (which I'd managed to forget isn't even close to waterproof, again)…and Sunny brought me dinner.

Lasagna with lots of mozzarella and ricotta cheese.

I ate it, then looked at the nutritional information on the ricotta cheese and nearly had a heart attack. Half from the shock of the numbers, and half from the twenty-seven tons of saturated fat and cholesterol that the lasagna dumped in my ateries.

It was then I noticed a pattern. On Sunny's days of, when she cooks…the whole healthy eating thing seems to go out the window. For example, yesterday I cooked a curry, which was lean ground turkey, fresh mushrooms, onion and bell peppers, chicken stock a can of tomatoes and curry powder.

Today it was the rest of the ground turkey, pasta, tomatoes…which is great except for the metric ton of cheese.

I think the problem is that Sunny is an old-fashioned southern girl. Her first concern with any food is how it tastes. Today's lasagna wouldn't have been nearly as unhealthy without the whole package of Ricotta cheese in it…but it wouldn't have tasted as good without it, so it went in anyway.

I guess from now on I'll be doing ALL the cooking. It just seems to be a huge waste of time to exercise all week and have 99% of it undone with a single meal.


Sunny said...

No Sweetie- you bloody well wont be doing ALL the cooking!!! 75%- maybe.

As or the ricotta- yeah- it was full fat- but I added only HALF the amount the recipe called for, as well as using low-fat cream cheese instead of full fat cream cheese and I also used only half the amount of Romano/Parm cheese and used egg noodles instead of the lasagna pasta it called for. I also added a full big can of diced tomatoes instead of the full amount of spaghetti sauce. And if we had had any spinach I would have added some of that as well!!!

I sub low-fat/fat free ingredients whenever I can...but the ricotta cheese is one thing I didn't sub....mainly because they didn't have low-fat ricotta in ALDI and I didn't wanna go to five diff shops to get all the ingredients I need.

Altho I am a Southern girl, and yes- taste def's not as important as your health.I TRY to do as much as I can to help your new lifestyle- not hinder it, Babe. The trick is portion control when you have high fat foods like that....well, anytime to be honest.
Everything in moderation.

Evan 08 said...

Sunny, what are you doing!?!? You just had the perfect out!

Sunny said...

But I LIKE to cook!!!!!!

mikens125 said...

i just have 3 words to say: indoortreadmills, indoortreadmills, & indoortreadmills. I've joined my local indoor gym a couple of months ago, during the darkest, coldest, snowiest days of winter. Treadmills are wonderful, built in fans (the blowing kind not the clapping kind), televisions with a limited selection of channels, a place for a water bottle.

The treadmill, at no incline, seems just like the track.

but i blah, blah, blah too much. see ya

Paulius said...

@mikens135: I completely agree...except for the fact tha walking outside is completely and totally free and I can't even come close to affording a gym membership or a treadmill (not to mention I have nowhere to put one)