Saturday, March 13, 2010

Maybe the FDA should hire a Warlock.

Sunny and I were sitting watching TV when one of those bloody awful 'ghost-hunting' shows came on.

These things almost always send me into a rage because it pisses me off that these people call themselves 'investigators' and claim to be scientists. They're not 'scientific' at all. These are so-called 'investigators' who go into someone's house, fill it with a fuck-ton of cameras, audio equipment and various other electronics, and then walk around looking for ghosts with EM detectors.

Hey, you know what's a more reasonable explanation for the tiny fluctuations on your home-made EM meter than ghosts? The shit load of electronic devices you loaded the house with!

About fifteen minutes in Sunny turned to me and told me to stop taking it so seriously. She said that, yeah, it's obviously stupid, but it's something to laugh at, not get wound up over.

At that precise moment came the part that tipped me over the edge:

After these assholes had just spent 15 minutes jerking themselves off over how amazingly scientific and skeptical they were, and how they only performed thorough, serious investigations… in walked a fat 40 year old woman wearing what looked like a home-made crown/tiara and a red velvet cape who referred to herself as 'Lady Snake'. Then, this woman who looked like a 1980's Doctor Who villain explained that she was a witch and started performing a 'ritual' in which she held up her hands and talked bollocks about 'dark goddesses' for five minutes.

I pointed at the screen:

"That's why these shows piss me off." I said to Sunny. "It's 2010 and there are still idiots like her playing dress-up and pretending they have magical powers… and that way too many people taking people like her seriously… and think about this: that crazy deluded bitch can vote! She has the same say in running the country that you or I have…probably more because if anyone points out that she's a deluded freak who needs to grow up and join the real world, suddenly we're discriminating against her because of her beliefs."

The thing is, I'm not even saying the paranormal isn't a valid field of study. I'm not saying a show where they honestly investigated a so-called haunted house wouldn't be extremely interesting…I'm just sick to death of watching idiots do it.



Evan 08 said...

That's why I JUST DON'T WATCH THAT $h!+

Paulius said...

Yeah, but Sunny loves them, and unless I wanna go sit in the kitchen on my own, I don't have much choice.