Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Got it.

You know what? I think I've finally figured it out.

Ok, I think it's pretty clear that Edward whatisname from Twilight is pretty much the predominant female fantasy right now…and for a very long time I couldn't figure out why.

Oh, I know that Stephanie Meyer describes him as 'perfect' at least a hundred times a page, but that's nothing new. You can find that in any trashy romance novel. The real question is: What's so sexy about him being a vampire?

But here's the thing. Edward isn't a vampire. I know this. My thesis for my English-Lit Bachelor's degree was on 'Vampires in Literature and Folklore'. Vampires are alien, amoral killers driven by a need to control. They certainly don't have families. If Edward wanted Mary-Sue… sorry… I mean Bella, he'd just take her, use her and enslave or kill her afterwards.

…and that is exactly why Edward is such a huge fantasy. It's actually a huge insight into the female psyche when you work it out.

The attraction of Edward isn't that he's a vampire, it's that he's a vampire that decides not to be a vampire for the sake of a woman.

Here's a real world example: I absolutely despise reality TV, so a woman telling me that she also hates reality TV instantly makes her more attractive to me…but that's not the way it works with women.

Say a woman hates watching football. You'd think that what she'd want in a partner is someone who also doesn't like football so she never has to watch it… but that's not true. What she really wants is a an absolutely massive football fan who'll miss the Superbowl to listen to her talk about her day.

Basically, the fantasy of Edward Cullen (I just looked his surname up) isn't that he's the perfect man, it's the fact he's bending over backwards and going through hell to please a woman.

It makes so much sense. Women don't want perfect men…they just want men who are willing to suffer for them.


Sunny said...


......you really DO get it!!!!!!
You're sooooo MY Edward, Baby!!!!

rayray said...

wow dude............you need a better hobby.

Evan 08 said...

I hereby bestow upon you this PhD is female psychology... Dr. Paulius.

Kelly said...

Ugh I hate Twilight.......it's ridiculous.

I was and am a HUGE Buffy fan though (an even bigger Angel fan) and vampires do NOT glisten in the sun, they BURN!!!

Oh and for what it's worth, Angel doesn't fall into the same category as Edward Cullen because he was cursed with a soul, when his soul is removed he is once again a true vampire.

Also, Edward (Robert Pattinson) is not remotely attractive. IMHO.
Also, Edward is NOT attract

Dylan Macnab said...