Sunday, March 14, 2010

Redneck ingenuity

Regular readers will know that I'm trying to get back into shape because I have the diabeetus.

Regular readers will also know that a few weeks ago, I bought an iPod touch.

Well, today, Sunny and I went out for a drive and stopped at a local sports store to stretch our legs a little. While we were in there, I noticed they had the Nike+ sensor on sale for just under $30 bucks.

In case you're wondering what the sensor is, it's a wireless sensor you put in your shoe that measures speed, distance and generally keeps track of a lot of stats while you walk or run. As well as giving you instant feedback on your iPod, you can also register with, so whenever you connect your iPod to your computer, it will upload all the details so you can see graphs of your distance and well as setting up a coaching programs with fitness goals, etc, etc.

Sure, maybe it's pure gadget porn, but I'm a gadget pervert and anything that keeps me motivated to keep exercising is a good idea, right?

Well, when I first heard of the Nike+ Sensor, I was defintely intrigued as the sensor cost less than a good quality pedometer... but I quickly dismissed the idea when I heard you need a pair of Nike+ shoes for it to work. While I can afford a thirty dollar gadget to keep me motivated, I certainly can't afford $150 for running shoes...especially as I'm walking, not running.

Then, while I was at the store, I discovered something... The only difference between a regular running shoe and a 'Nike+' shoe is that Nike+ shoes have a little cut-out under the insole for the sensor to fit in.

Figuring I could bypass the $150 running shoe problem, I bought the sensor.

When I got home I took my $20 sneaker, duct-taped the sensor to the middle of the insole and slapped a Dr. Scholl's insole over the top.

When I have the sneakers on I can just barely feel the sensor and it works perfectly.

I think I'm finally starting to feel like I fit in here in the south. Instead of buying a $150 pair of Nike sneakers I got the same effect using my $20 sneakers and some duct tape.

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