Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Son of a...

Yesterday, I got up, went for my walk and officially said goodbye to winter. We'd had three or four days of uninterrupted sunshine, and yesterday I went for my morning walk in just my jeans and a T-shirt...it was a balmy 75 degrees and I actually managed a touch of sunburn on my forehead.

This morning I get up, go for my walk and I get this:

The worst part is that the day before yesterday I shaved my head and on the way back from my walk I was walking into the wind, and a train came adding a 25mph slipstream to the mix.

I don't know if you've ever had snow melting on your bald head while a 25mph icy wind blasts away at it, but I believe the correct term for this is 'fucking painful'


Sunny said...

You REALLY need to ask Lucy what she did with your hat.


BTW- the verification word for me is
"heados". Appropriate, don't you think?

rayray said...

two words..........BLOODY HELL