Thursday, March 18, 2010


Yesterday, I was sitting on the couch reading 'Dr. No.' while Sunny was watching TV. I tend to try to occupy myself with something else whenever Sunny watches TV, because the things she watches tend to drive me into a blind rage.

This time it was the new show on the History channel called 'Addiction'.

So, there's this thirty-something alcoholic heroin addict who's living with her parents while her kids are being brought up by someone else because she can't take care of them. Cue lots of scenes of this woman screaming at her parents for treating her like a child, not trusting her, blah, blah, blah.

Then, we cut to the so-called expert who gets on camera…and basically blames everything on the addict's parents:

"This is a hostile environment. There's no trust. It doesn't matter if she's right or if she's telling the truth, her parents don't trust her. They're driving her towards the drugs."

This was the point my head exploded.

You see, less than five minutes earlier, we heard this heroin addict talk about how she likes to hustle her parents and anyone around her for money. Then we saw her call her granddad, tell him that she needs twenty bucks for groceries, take the money from him on camera…and then start laughing her ass off about how she tricked him the second the door closed. I mean, literally holding the money up to the camera and laughing about how she was going to spend it on heroin. Next cut, she's shooting up in her bedroom, bragging about how easily she can con her family into giving her money.

It's not a 'hostile environment' because her parents don't trust her. It's a hostile environment because she lies through her teeth, cons her family into giving her money for drugs and doesn't like being caught. Exactly what are her parents supposed to do? Take her word for everything, not check up on her and turn a blind eye when they find drugs in her room because it's 'not her fault'?

Then again, I'm not exactly surprised. We live in a zero-responsibility culture where nothing is ever our fault and there's always someone or something else to blame.

I want to know how these so-called 'experts' can sleep at night. Here we have someone who chose to drink, chose to start taking heroin decided getting high meant more to her than her kids…and somehow she's a victim while the real villains are her parents who took her and are trying to stop her taking drugs.

Then again, this is a culture where you can eat junk food every single day until you're too fat to get out of bed, and then sue McDonalds as though they put a gun to your head and forced you to eat like a moron.

Seriously, America…WTF? Where does this end?

Can I shoot a stranger in the street, sue the gun maker for putting the gun in my hand, the movie industry for desensitizing me to violence and finally the victim's family because seeing the dude's head explode scarred me mentally and walk completely free as a 'victim'?

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