Thursday, October 01, 2009

Invisible work

I turned on Sunny's laptop this afternoon and discovered it wasn't connecting to the internet.

I disconnected and reconnected to the wireless network, I rebooted the computer...I was just getting ready to check the router when Sunny asked me what was wrong.

"Your laptop can't access the internet." I said.

"Oh, it's ok." She said as though it wasn't a problem. "It's been doing that all day."

It was then that I realised something. Sunny's got so used to me fixing computer problems that most of the time she doesn't realize that the reason these things start working again is because I fix them.

If the laptop doesn't connect to the internet, just turn it off, wait a while, and when you turn it back on again it'll be working.

I'm not sure whether to be proud or offended. On the one hand, I'm obviously doing a good job keeping everything up and running. On the other, I can spend three hours in front of the computer trying to track down a problem, and to everyone else it just 'magically' starts working again.


marie said...

its just a shame that the "computer fairy" doesnt do dishes...:)

marie said...

dont feel bad, my family thinks the laundry and dishes are just magically done while they sleep.

anthonyhalley1000 said...

Past experience would teach me that should anything bad happen in a place of business and it's your job to fix it, "turn it off and on again" pops up more times than not.

So it seems you can waste 3 years of degree time on learning this one solution!

MC Etcher said...

It's elves! LOL.