Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Get over yourself.

Ok, someone I barely knew at highschool sent me a friend request on Facebook this week. I ignored it, but took a look at her profile.

It's really amazing for me to discover that there are people who haven't grown up, matured or changed one iota in the fourteen years since we left school. The people who still think anything that happened in highschool actually mattered.

I'm also amazed that people can be so self absorbed.

For example, the very first post I saw from the girl who sent the friend request was "OMG, I'm officially being stalked! Why is it always me???"

No, you dumb bitch. You're not being stalked, you're just being the same shallow, self absorbed douche you always where.

Back in Highschool, the girl in question would be bored or just upset about not being the center of attention for five minutes, so would pick a guy and start flirting with him. Then, if that guy ever said so much as a single word to her ever again...he was 'stalking' her.

Yeah, that's exactly what's happening. You walk up to a guy, basically rub your tits in his face, act for a few hours like he's the greatest guy on the planet...and when he comes up to talk to you the next day and ask if you'd maybe like to go do something his weekend...he's a 'crazy stalker'.

I know it really buffs up that fragile ego to build this false reality where all these guys are absolutely obsessed with you, but the truth is, you're really not that important. No-one's obsessed with you, no one's stalking you...no matter how much you want them to.

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Anonymous said...

wow, and I thought it was just my high school where no one seems to have outgrown their behavior or attitudes.

mind if I just cut and paste this & send in a message every time some jerk who picked on me in High School now wants to be my friend? lol