Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I may have to kill someone.

So, a few minutes ago, Sunny was watching Jeopardy when the promo for the local news came on.

"I wonder what stupid bullshit they'll turn into a panic today?" I thought, half sarcastically.

Then the promo started.

The screen changes to show a fat, ugly, uneducated, borderline retarded redneck bitch who says:

"How do you keep a pedophile from coming through the Xbox."

Cue cheesy anchor: "Coming up, how the Xbox isn't all fun and games for one South Carolina family."


Your kids aren't 'under threat' from pedophiles unless you're dumb enough or lazy enough to not supervise them and check in with them occasionally.

Here's the deal. If the Xbox is a 'pedophile threat', then so is your phone, your computer, your cell phone, pager, mail...fuck, even going outside into any public place puts you at risk of running afoul of a pedophile.

I am just really, really, really tired of all these so-called 'news' channels making shit up, blowing shit completely out of proportion and running stories based on zero fact and evidence in order to scare the shit out of parents and get ratings.

What I'm even more tired of is these asshole 'parents' who complain because they have to actual parent their kids.

It's not Microsoft's job to raise your kids for you and it's not the internet that's putting your kids at risk... it's you that's putting your kids at risk for using the Xbox and Internet as a baby sitter.

I am officially done with TV news. It insults my intelligence.

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