Sunday, October 25, 2009

Did you know?

Did you know that I have an all new blog? One that I...ummm....started nearly a year ago and completely forgot about?

Did you know that this blog had now undergone a total facelift and I'm actually posting at it again?

Did you know that this blog, 'Scrawlings from a Diseased Mind' is chock full of artwork and art-related posts that the vast majority of my readers here don't give a fuck about?

Well, you do now! 'Scrawlings from a Diseased Mind' is where I chronicle my ongoing attempt to not draw like a totally untalented asshole. See if I can keep up my 'sketch a day' schedule for more than a week!

Head over there and check it out...or don't...most of the reason I started it was to not bother you guys with the art crap you're not interested in.

1 comment:

rayray said...

well now we know.........and knowing is half the battle...........