Saturday, September 15, 2007

Wives are WEIRD.

For the past few weeks, I’ve had a routine for Friday nights. I turn on the Sci-Fi channel at 7pm for the back to back episodes of Stargate SG-1, followed by Doctor Who.

Now, getting Sunny to watch Stargate isn’t hard. She likes that show almost as much as I do, but when it comes to Doctor Who, she’s a little…strange.

Here’s the deal. When she sits down and watches it, she always enjoys it. Usually finishing the show with a comment like “That was cool, when does it come on again?”

However, every single week, Stargate finishes and she reaches for the remote:

“What’re you doing?”

“Changing the channel.”

“But Doctor Who’s coming on! I’ve been looking forward to it all week.”

“What’s Doctor Who?”

“You know, that British TV show. About the time-traveller guy? We watched it last week?”

“The one with the guy with dreadlocks?”

“No, that’s Red Dwarf.”

Wrinkles her nose in disgust : “(Dramatic Sigh) Do we have to watch it?”

“Huh? You watched it last week and the week before that, and loved it.”

“Gah, if you wanna watch it, watch it…there’s no need to lie about it.”

“I’m not lyi…never mind.”

(One Hour Later)

“Hey, that was awesome! When does it come on again?”

Is this just my missus, or does yours do it to?

Oh, and just for completeness…Getting her to watch Red Dwarf? Like pulling teeth. When she actually watches it? Laughs her ass off…every time.


MC Etcher said...

Ha ha! Cindy doesn't care for Red Dwarf, though my sister and her hubby love it - I'm glad I introduced them to the show.

Doctor Who - Cindy will watch the episodes with Christopher Eccleston, but not David Tennant - I think he creeps her out from his stint as fake Moody.

I might just have to make her watch the most recent Doctor Who - with the statue people? It may well be one of the best Doctor Who episodes of all time.

Sunny said...

Owwww- thats the one we watched last night!! I agree- from tjhe ones I have seen- BEST episode ever!!

Paulius said...

I'd seen Christopher Eccleston in too many other things for me to buy him as The Doctor.

Personally, I think David Tennant is the best Doctor of all time.

MC Etcher said...

BLASPHEME! The Order of the Scarved One shall be in touch. How would you like your body prepared?

Paulius said...

Well, according to wikipedia, in a recent poll, David Tennant JUST edged out Tom Baker.

So, verily there shalt be a battle, but it shalt not be as one sided as thou thinketh.