Saturday, September 29, 2007

Gesticulating Wildly Makes You Trustworthy

Ever been watching TV late at night and caught one of those “Make billions by doing nothing” infomercials?

Next time one comes on, watch it. I’ve discovered the following formula:

The trustworthiness of the person speaking is inversely proportional to how much they move their hands while speaking.

Seriously, try it. That ‘entrepreneur of the year’ guy, who sells his ‘money making secrets’ looks like a fucking windmill.

“Hey, look at me! Would I gesture this much and move my hands for emphasis on every other word if I was lying to you? Fuck, no!

Other things to look out for are: “The White Lab-Coat of Professionalism”, “The Black T-Shirt and Sports Jacket of ‘I’m Awesome’-ness” and the ever popular “Washed up 80’s Celebrity of Trust”.

1 comment:

delmer said...

This might be lost to you, but a British accent adds a level of trustworthiness to a scam artist.

We know Americans will lie to us day in and day out. Brits sound more honest ... even after they've just caught the hood of a car on fire and buffed out the burn mark with a miracle wax.