Friday, September 14, 2007

Nostalgia and the Future

Sometimes I find myself getting all nostalgic about when I was a kid. Not just because I could entertain myself with a couple toy cars rather than a three grand computer system, and that the closest I came to stress was a spelling test on Friday mornings.

Nope, I liked how simple everything seemed. The world was split into good and bad people, and it was easy to tell the difference (I just asked my Dad and he let me know who was who). People in positions of authority were 'special people' who knew exactly what they were doing.

Then you get a little older and realise that 'Good and Bad' depends almost entirely on your point of view. People in positions of power might only be their because they know/are related to the right people...and everything is so effing complicated.

Today, we're led by politicians who are flat out, blatant liars, who tell us what we want to hear to get elected and then proceed to only take care of the people who give them the most money.

I have a solution. Something that would make life as simple and straight forward as who the good guys and bad guys are in a saturday morning cartoon.

Scientists, pull your fingers out of your asses and build us Optimus Prime.

We can turn over leadership of the country to him. Optimus Prime never lies, would sacrifice himself in a millisecond for the greater good, can't be assassinated (we could always repair him)...and other countries might think before they act when they know they're going to be sitting across a negotiation table from the leader of the autobots.

Oh, and genetic scientists, if you could manage it, we'd quite like Lion-O as Vice President.


Saffyre said...

Lion-O ruled!!!!

MC Etcher said...

Scary, yes.