Thursday, July 14, 2005

What Would You Do?

My wife and I met on the Internet. She lived here in the USA, while I lived in the UK.

Now as you can probably imagine, small talk doesn't really last for 5 years (The amount of time before I moved to the USA). We talked either on-line or the phone nearly every day.

So just for something to talk about, we'd do thinks like ask each other the survey questions from magazines, come up with 'What if?" and "What would you do?" questions. You know the type. Like, "You know you're best friend's boyfriend/girlfriend is cheating on them, do you tell your friend?" or "You best friend's partner hits on you, how do you handle it?"

I like these types of questions, so I'm going to ask you all one...inspired by something I read on a Blog today.

Here it is.

Your friend moves into a new house, and recruits you to help with some yard work. You're digging away and find a huge diamond ring. The diamond is so big, it's worth at least $10,000.

What do you do? Do you:

a) Tell your friend about the ring. It's on their property, and therefore their's.

b) Tell your friend, and expect him to sell it and share it with you?

c) Tell your friend, but keep it. You found it, and it's finders keepers?

d) Slip it in your pocket, and 'find' it at your own home a few days later?

One more question:

Your friend buys a new car. One drunken night at their house, you head for home, stumble, and manage to put a nice long deep scratch in the side of well as a nice big dent.

Do you:

a) Keep quiet and act sympathetic when they tell you about it.

b) Come clean and pay for the damage?

Answers on a postcard...or failing that, the comments section.

Before I go, a quick reminder that my story competition has less than a week left to run, so get those stories in!

(Oh, and I know the picture has nothing to do with today's topic, but I just thought it was funny.)


Invisible Lizard said...

Honestly, to that first one, I'd go with (a) because secretly I'm a little paranoid about things like that, and I'd be thinking that they "planted" it (pardon the pun) to test me.

But for that second one, I'd go right back to their door and say, "Dude, someone wrecked your car."

Vicarious Living said...

I tend to wonder about "tests" too, so I'll say B for the first one. I can expect, doesn't mean they will, but hopefully I'll get a little something for my honesty (besides a good night's sleep).

For the second question, I'd probably stand so long in his driveway debating the issue he'd see me, investigate and figure it out for himself.
It's truly a toss up, but I'll say B.

Anonymous said...

Right wings, for the first one I'd swipe the ring sell it myself then give him half the cash or we'd go on holiday or do something to make sure we shared equally.

The second one is easier I'd just admit it, my mates wouldn't be bothered anyway.....

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Paulius said...

and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the brother I had to put up with for the first 23 years of my life.

I'm glad I moved to America.

Anonymous said...

Moved to the States??
Chased out of this country by the townsfolk with burning torches more like!!
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