Saturday, July 23, 2005

My Brain Hurts.

Hey everyone!

Quick post today, as the headache fairy has paid me a visit, and the headache goblins are currenty testing firecrackers inside my skull.

To keep you all entertained (I know how all of you look forward to reading my genius-level outpourings, and would jump off a building if I stopped blogging completely), I'm going to give you one of my famous survey questions to keep you all occupied.

I want you to imagine that you're famous. Famous but not rich.

Someone approaches you to endorse a product, and offers you 5 million for a TV appearance, where you'll tell the world how great the product is.

Unfortunately, the product is about as much use as a one-wheeled skateboard.

Do you:

a) Take the money, despite the fact you know you're endorsing crap.

b) Turn them down. Your credibility isn't for sale.

So there you go.

As an aside, some of you mentioned you forgot about my story competition, or weren't aware of it. I'd still be interested in reading them, so why not post them on your own blogs?


Kato said...

Hmm... that's a tough question. I'd like to say that my integrity can't be sold, but it someone wants to back a truckload of money up to my house, it would be hard to resist. I could probably justify it if I wanted the opportunity to springboard into something else. I mean, lots of folks do commercials because they want to burst into showbiz (of course they aren't famous at the time).

Hmm... wasn't this an episode of the Brady Bunch?

Miz S said...

Paulius knows my answer- but for you guys here it is....

I would absolutely NOT endorse it. Regardless of if I were already famous or not- if I put my reputation on something that is crap- my credibility would mean f*ck all after I endorsed the product. I'm sorry- but my integrity means more than that to me.

If I believed in it and used it myself and could reccommend it to my family and friends and look them in the eye afterwards... then yes- I would endorse something.

Money is not the beall-end all to life.

MC Etcher said...

You did not say the item was of poor quality, just that it was fairly useless.

If the quality was decent...

It would depend on the product. Is it harmless, or could people get hurt using this item?

If it's nominally harmless (hell, cheese can kill you.) sure, I'd take the money.

You won't always be able to cash in on your fame, and there are always bills to be paid.

serendipity said...

Well since i'm used to being perpetually skint i'd have to tak the chance to make the cash.

I don't care if it's crap, i'm not going to be using it. If my crdability os screwed afterwards and i'm no longer famous - who gives I damn - i'm RICH!

Paulius said...

Kato, I got this idea when I asked the missus exactly the same question when watching a crappy infomercial.

I wouldn't know, as I can honestly state, as a Brit, that I have only ever watched exactly half of one episode of the Brady Bunch.

OzzyC said...

I agree with Etcher. If the product is useless but high quality, I'd probably endorse it. Think about how useful the pet rock was! Usefulness and quality aren't mutually exclusive.

Paulius said...

Ok, I'm guessing I should have been a little clearer.

By 'useless' I meant something that just doesn't do what is a $5000 tinfoil hat that supposedly cures headaches or a juicer that takes 50 orages to get 3oz of juice.