Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Calling All Bloggers (and Non-Bloggers)

Before I begin, there is actually a new post today, feel free to drag down and read it.

As you can see, it's another story from my school days.

This got me thinking. There must be millions of funny and interesting stories out there, and seeing as I'm very, very nosy, I propose a competition.

What I want you to do is email me the funniest, strangest or most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you. It doesn't necesarrily have to be a school story, so feel free to scour those memories.

However, it must be an actual story.

No "I was walking down the street and my pants fell down, boy! Was my face red!" Please.

I want the details, the setup, the twist and the aftermath. That doesn't mean you have to write War and Peace, but bear in mind, people will be reading it, so it's got to be entertaining.

Well, if this is a competition, there must be an actual prize! Mustn't there?

Well, the best story will be published here. The winner will also receive a link, and 1000 shares in this blog (Currently at just over $15 a share) at The price has risen from 20 cents to $15 in the past week, and is still rising.

The 4 runners up will get their stories published here, and a link.

Ok, not much of a prize, no actual cash involved...but it's the best I can do.


1) All stories must be true
2) No copyrighted, stolen from the net material (unless you happen to own the copyright)
3) The closing date is exactly two weeks from now (July 20th).
4) I can't make it clear enough, that blogshares shares have no actual monetary value. It's a game! You can't sue me when you expect to be spending that $15,000 worth of shares.
5) If you are not a member of Blogshares, (It's free), you can still enter. If you win, the shares will be distributed evenly between the 4 runner-ups.
6) If you're a nervous writer type, to ease your mind, I won't 'own' your story. You will keep any copyright on it.

So get writing, and email your stories, along with your blogshares ID (If you have one) to

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming...


Miz S said...

LOL- that is SOOOOO not fair Paulius!!

I have to be disqualified because I am your wife and objections might be raised about objectivity......and I cant afford to buy your stock it's so stinking high priced.

I cant wait to hear some of the stories you get tho- well done and VERY creative!!

MC Etcher said...

I wish I could join in and compete, but nothing that funny, strange, or embarrassing ever happened to me.

Hmn, I could make something up, and no one would ever know!

Wait, Cindy would rat me out. Yeah, she would.

Paulius said...

It doesn't have to be spectacular. I'm not expecting anything like the Douglas Adams 'Biscuit Story' or anything.

Oh, those shares are now worth $35 a piece.

Kato said...

Sounds like fun, I'm game.