Friday, July 08, 2005

The London Terrorist Attack.

This is my second post today, but I only just heard about the terror attack in London.

This is especially chilling for me as one of the explosions was at Kings Cross station, a place I spent a lot of time last year, while in London for my Visa Interview. They targeted the subways, the place they could do the most harm to the most people. A terrorist group that attacks military targets is one thing. A terrorist group that tries to murder the maximum amount of civilians possible is something else.

This post is just a message to those terrorists:

You are nothing but a bunch of cowardly, murdering bastards. You try to wrap up your murder in a cloak of religious righteousness. The truth is you’re nothing but a bunch of cowardly bullies, who think that these tactics will have us all running scared.

Did you learn nothing from the 9/11 attacks?

The only thing you’ve managed to do is put yourself in our sights. Like the Japanese at Pearl Harbor, all you’ve managed to do is wake a sleeping bear…and that bear is pissed off.

Trust me, you pathetic fuckers. You’re nothing but the fat, spotty unpopular kids in the playground who like to punch people and run away. You’re weak, pathetic and so afraid of a face to face fight, that you hide in the shadows, murdering the defenseless.

The only reason you’re alive right now is because you get to hide behind the very things you seem to hate so much…due process, law and justice. When your own country beheads people for speaking their minds, how can you even say Britain is evil and decadent and keep a straight face?

You think you’re so righteous, you’re fighting for your own ideals. A jihad? A Holy war? What is so holy about the wholesale mass murder of innocents? Did you stop and think about how many children where on those subway trains? Did you think of all the mothers explaining to their children why their fathers won’t be coming home? Did you think of all the families you destroyed?

You can stick your Jihad up your backside. There’s nothing Holy about what you’re doing.

I find you laughable and pathetic. You call us evil, decadent and godless. Why? Because we’re richer than you? Because we own cars and personal property?

Everything we have, we earned, you ignorant fuckers. How you can call us evil while you kidnap and execute people based on their nationality, and take part in the wholesale murder of women and children is totally beyond comprehension.

If you hate us so much, why don’t you all just fuck off home? Get the fuck out of our countries.

Trust me, your ‘martyr’ suicide bombers aren’t currently having a right old laugh with Allah. They’re standing right next to Hitler getting pineapples showed up their rectums. Which is strange, because that is the exact same place the SAS shotguns are going to go when they find you.

9/11 didn’t just piss off the Americans. The twin towers were called the WORLD trade center for a reason. Right now, the whole world is against you.

Bombing America didn’t just piss of the Americans.
Bombing Britain didn’t just piss off the British.

Well, here’s a nice little thought for you, as you go to bed tonight, celebrating your ‘victory’.

Enjoy that nice mass-murder afterglow while you can, because right now, in a little town called Hereford, the best counter-terrorist team in the world is arming themselves. They are going to find you. They are going to find you, and kill you.

I hope you enjoyed yourself. I hope you think it was all worth it when that SAS soldier puts his MP5 to your head and pulls the trigger.

In short, you child murdering fuckers, you want a fight?

You got one…

and we’re bigger and stronger than you.

You’ll pay, you godless murdering fuckers. You’ll pay.

Take a good look at this picture. It'll be the last thing you ever see.


serendipity said...

Well said.

The vehemence with which that was written is blatantly obvious, and I am sure is shared by people not just across Britian, but across the civilised world.

I want them to pay. I want them to feel pain. I want them to hurt the way they tried to hurt us. I want them to die screaming in agony - the way they have caused people to die.

Does that make me as bad as them in the eyes of "do gooders"? I don't give a fuck!!!

Let's show them that we won't be beaten down by them and we will NEVER give up what we have spent years building....our society and civilisation.

Anonymous said...

Paulius, my sentiments exactly and you said it best. My heart goes out to all of our friends in Britain and throughout the world, who have been victimized by these soulless beings. I long for the day when they are all removed from our midst.

Hugs to you and Sunny.

Your friend in South FL,

MC Etcher said...

Hear hear! There was a good West Wing episode after 9/11 that pointed out that terrorism doesn't work.

Attacking your (perceived) enemies in such a way does not bring about any changes that might benefit the terrorist's agenda.

Instead, those responsible are hunted down and killed. Why would people continuously follow a pattern that does not improve their situation?

I'm curious - and please forgive this very ignorant question: In the UK, how does the perception of foreign terrorism differ from domestic terrorism (i.e. the IRA)?

In the US, the Oklahoma City bombing has the sense of being "a wacko" whereas foreign terrorism typically has a religious agenda, however misguided.

Paulius said...

I don't think that's really a fair comparison.

A single person with their own political agenda is always viewed as a 'wacko'.

The IRA, while I don't agree with their point of view or condone their actions, have a valid political agenda (IE, they don't want British rule). They have a reason, however misguided, for what they're doing.

A 'wacko' who blows up a walmart, because he thinks the government are reading his mind through satellites...or because he's on some weird religious crusade has no valid reason for his actions...hence, 'wacko'.

I think domestic and foreign terrorism are viewed pretty much the long as the 'reason' for terrorism is, while not tolerated, understandable.

I think the only difference is domestic terrorism and foreign terrorism is the domestic terrorism hits you harder. It's one thing to see the wreckage in some far off country, it's another to see a place you've been to blown up.

England has dealt with terrorism for decades, it's nothing really 'new', like it is in america.

Personally, I view all terrorism as the same, domestic or foreign. It's the work of cowardly, murdering bastard