Saturday, July 09, 2005

Balloon + Pin + Cat = FUN!!!

Okay, before I get a million comments on animal cruelty, that isn't my cat, and it isn't actually being harmed. Just playful feline Hijinks.

No, I'm only posting this today, because I don't have the time to put up a 'real' post.

Anyway, just thought I'd remind you of the 'Life, What The Hell Is Going On?' amazing, great story competition. Free to enter, you'll win 1000 blogshares in this blog, as well as a link.

Come on, enter, it'll be fun! Click the link beneath the main title of this page for details.

I hate to push it, but I think most people are thinking it's just some good 'ole internet spam. That may explain why I've only had 2 entries so far.

Either that, or bloggers are lazy.

Is that true? Are you all lazy?

Are you going to let people beleive that?

Are you going to let down the reputation of the entire blogging community to save a little effort?



Oh well, I didn't think that you'd be that easily manipulated. I can see your reaction right now:

Oh well...


Paulius said...


My other choice for today's title was "Scraping the bottom of the casting barrel on the new Superman movie."

serendipity said...

One one other entry besides myself....hmm, those shares are appealing!

Miz S said...
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Miz S said...

I think it's because only females are willing to admit that anything embarrassing has ever happened to them......guys seem to block embarrassing moments out of their minds. It's like a sign of weakness to them to admit they had a weak moment when they weren't in complete control.

That MY take on it anyway.

Miz S said...

BTW Paulius.....that Spock pic is the funniest thing I have seen in a while!!