Saturday, July 30, 2005

Curse You, Feeble Brain!

I tried to write a decent post today, but my brain refused to co-operate.

You know that feeling, you have a good idea for a post, yet no matter how hard you try, it comes out like incoherent, disjointed babble. Well, after the third attempt, my post still flowed as easily as set concrete attempting to flow I gave up.

(See, I can't even come up with a decent metaphor).

So instead, I'll just fill you in on a bit of completely irrelevant and uninteresting news:

Remember Padme? Our new kitten? Well I found her yesterday, reclining(which is a polite way to say that she was lying on her back with her legs in the air) on the loveseat.

Now that might now seem particularly strange.

However, she was displaying a brand new pair of 'Kitty Balls'.

Yep, turns out that little Padme is actually a little Anakin. 'She' is really a 'He'.

Unfortunately, he's already learned his name. So now we have a tomcat with a girls name, and no-one can get out of the habit of calling him 'her' or 'she'.

...and I let him sleep on my chest.

I feel so used and dirty. Hoodwinked by a feline ladyboy.

If anyone needs me, I'll be in the shower.

On another note. I'm bored. If anyone has any used Gamecube games that they want to give me for free. Drop me an email.

Oh, and your firstborn, if you have one....oh oh oh! and the deed to your house. And your car.


Miz S said...


And which of those things can you not get from me?
Or WITH me???

You are just bored silly.

Miz S said...

Oh- and it's kinda nice to see that the "G-O-T-Is" has days when he has trouble putting it down in type, too.
It makes us feel a little bit better when we have those days.


Miz S said...

We could change her....I mean HIS... name to Padfoot- Starts out the same as Padme and would grab her....I mean HIS... attention just as well- and sounds a bit more macho.....altho I'm not sure ANY cat can actually BE macho.

Macho is for Doggies.

OzzyC said...

My kids have a female orange cat named Tigger, so what's the big deal? It's not like the other cats are going to gang up on him and kick his @$$ cuz he's got a girl's name.

Vicarious Living said...

Good thought with the Padfoot! But hey, as long as it isn't Sue! (I've been to the Shel Silverstein website tonight, sorry lol)

serendipity said...

Just change the name to Paddy.

I once had a black kitten that I named Tinkerbell. Same problem, 'she' developed kitty balls. I just ended up calling him 'Tinks' or 'Tinky'. Cats hardly ever come when you call them anyway so i doubt that they care.

You can change the name anyway. If you get one from a rescue centre you would never know what it's name was previously and ultimately it would learn the new one.

Craig said...

My sister-in-law has the same issue with a cat named Molly. Once they discovered gender mix-up, the cat was renamed (sort of) Mr. Molly. Poor thing.